What are the accuracy levels of bearings?

The accuracy level is divided into P0, P6, P5, P4, and P2 in descending order.

P2 is the highest precision level for aerospace use,

P4 is used for precision machine tools with the second highest precision level,

P0 is a regular level.

The precision of bearings increases sequentially from level 0, which is sufficient for general conditions,But when used in some high-precision conditions or situations, a precision level 5 or higher is required.

Level 0: It is widely used in general bearing systems with rotational accuracy greater than 10um. Such as the variable speed mechanism and feed mechanism of ordinary machine tools, the variable speed mechanism of automobiles and tractors, and the rotating mechanism of general machinery such as ordinary motors, water pumps, and agricultural machinery.

Level 2: In ultra precision instruments with a rotational accuracy of less than 5um or high rotational speed, such as precision coordinate boring machines, gear systems of precision grinding machines, precision instruments, instruments, and high-speed cameras.

Level 5: In precision bearing systems with a rotational accuracy of 5-10um or higher speeds, such as bearings used in ordinary lathes (level 5 for front support and level 6 for rear support), more precise instruments and meters, as well as precision rotating mechanisms.

The most important thing about a good bearing is to use it in the right place, and the accuracy level should be determined where the bearing is suitable. It is impossible to replace ordinary bearings with high-precision bearings in mechanical equipment, and ordinary bearings cannot replace high-precision bearings.

Precision standard description:

The standards formulated by various countries are based on ISO standards, generally consistent with ISO standards, and some are stricter than ISO standards.

Accuracy is divided into dimensional accuracy and rotational accuracy. It is divided into levels 0, 6, 5, 4, and 2.

The current code generally adopts the German DIN standard:

P0 level (level 0), P6 level (level 6), P5 level (level 5), P4 level (level 4), P2 level (level 2).

The general standard grade P0 is omitted in the bearing model, and the grade code only appears in the bearing model for P6 or above.图片1

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