Hangshuo Bearing Developing the Mid to High End Bearing Market

111222111222微信图片_20230927102419Last year, Hangshuo Bearing completed the research and development of more than 30 mid to high end bearings, including high-speed wire rod precision rolling unit bearings, large megawatt spindle bearings, new energy vehicle supporting bearings, and Harmony high-power locomotive axle box bearings, and achieved initial results in the market. The industrial equipment mid to high end bearing market alone increased by 80%, laying a solid foundation for revenue growth this year.

Market leading innovation. Chinese manufacturing enterprises are transforming and upgrading towards high-end, bringing good opportunities for high-end bearing import substitution. Hangshuo Bearing focuses on the urgent need for imported replacement of high-end bearings in the market. Through research on major topics such as bearing steel ball and track matching technology, Hangshuo bearing products have reached the advanced level of similar international products.

Hangshuo Bearing develops products from various aspects such as structure, raw materials, and rotational accuracy. The 3.4MW main shaft bearing, which was put into mass production last year, fully meets the requirements of high precision, high reliability, low noise, lightweight, and consistency. In the first quarter of this year, orders for ASUS bearing wind power large megawatt spindle bearings doubled, and supply exceeded demand.

Hangshuo Bearing has accelerated the research and development process of automotive bearings, breaking the technical barriers that foreign companies have long faced in the research and development of high-end automotive specialized bearings. In the field of passenger cars, it has achieved large-scale support for major car manufacturers in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific; In the field of commercial vehicles, it has become the preferred choice for domestic automotive industry customers. Last year, Hangshuo Bearing completed 9 automotive bearing development projects, ensuring stable growth in the automotive bearing market this year.

At present, Hangshuo Bearing has been equipped with 15 specifications of bearings for the well-known domestic high-speed wire rolling mill professional manufacturers, and has received high praise from multiple domestic and foreign steel enterprises. This year, there are new orders in production.

Post time: Aug-24-2023